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Immune System Boosters


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Irish Sea Moss

The Mighty Balm is a great on the go for pain! Ty LaShawn for everything!

Veronica M.

I discovered these epic products at the @Inglewood farmers market in Alexandria and I have really enjoyed them. As a wholistic consultant I know these are made from high quality herbs with love! ❤️ I highly recommend the muscle rub and the Gut Flora as well as the Golden Milk!

Ashley L.

LaShawn is such a love, and the sleep tincture and magnesium salve rock! Better sleep and less pain - what's not to love?

Dawn C.

the elderberry syrup was great. 2 of my children had the flu. I gave the syrup to everyone in my house. No one else caught the flu and the 2 with the flu got over it much quicker.

Jackie C.

Elderberry elixir herbal tea is divine! Delicious rich flavors! I absolutely love it!

Ashley G.


We are humbled and appreciative that you've decided to consider our work.  We, at Eye of the Butterfly, take our jobs seriously.  We understand the options presented in the commercial industry, and dedicate our minds, our intentions, and our love to providing a product that we not only use ourselves, but are proud to offer you... our friend.  Browse our store and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.  


Mighty Balm XL-Roller Blend

Mighty Balm XL-Roller Blend