Diatomaceous Earth Flea Powder

The summer is near and fleas and ticks are plentiful.  You never think about flea control until it's needed and by then it's too late.

As a new cat owner, fleas were the last thing on my mind.  My Princess Fluffy had 4 babies and they lived in my garage until they were mature enough to leave out with her.

As soon as the weather got warm, there were the fleas in my garage first.  I had so many emotions about it that anger was the most prominent.  Have you ever been angry at a flea?  Well, I was!  At all 1000s of them!

I went to Pinterest and of course there were tons of solutions.  Everyone had their own Best DIY Flea Spray.

I tried many.  Witch Hazel with Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemons, baking soda with Borax and Rosemary, and a couple more.  With each one, I felt confident that my problem would be gone the next morning.  Huh... not.  I even sprayed it on myself to keep them off me and it only worked when the solution was wet.  When it dried, they jumped on me again.

By this time, days had passed and I was growing weak.  One more day and I was bombing with a chemical or/and calling my pest guy.

I looked one more time and found a powder instead of a liquid spray.  I was willing to try anything... anything.  I was dreading going out to wash and allowing the kiddos to ride their bikes.

I had all of the items in my array of ingredients and mixed up a batch.  It was very easy. 

I put on a mask and sprinkled the whole garage with the powder plus my driveway and my front yard.  I wasn't wanting to miss anything! (Of course, I tripled up the recipe.)

The next morning, I noticed a considerable difference. Their presence was not heavy but they were still there. So... I dusted the garage and yard again the next 2 days.

That third morning, I went outside, got in my car, and jumped out thinking they were on me.  They were NOT!  I walked back to my door and paid attention.  They were GONE!  I couldn't be more happy.

Now, I dust once a week for a just in case and haven't had any problems since.

Please note: Before I treated my yard, I treated my animals with a commercial product and sent them away for a few days.  Diatomaceous Earth is not good for cats as it dries out the skin.

Here's the recipe below.  I hope it gives you as much happiness as it's given me.


Flea Powder

1 Cup Diatomaceous Earth

1/2 Cup Neem Powder

1/2 Cup Yarrow Powder

20 Drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Mix all ingredients together and add to an old seasoning container or purchase a salt/pepper shaker.  Either will work.






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