DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit

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DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit

This DIY Kit includes the best herbs of our Elder collection.  You get the opportunity to make your own Elderberry Syrup in your home. It's a great way to not only save money but also connect with the herbs that help you. 

Get ready to smell the sweet aroma of the elder herbs along with the smells of cinnamon, ginger, and echinacea. It fills every beautiful space of your home. Mmm...

If you're unfamiliar with Elderberry and Friends, here's a few points about what you may expect from the herbs.

  • Great source of vitamin C
  • Builds the immune system
  • Source of fiber
  • Antioxidants
  • Circulatory stimulants
  • Expectorants

Available Kits

With the kits below, you can choose exactly what you will need. Each kit will include the herbs needed and a measuring stick. 

  1. Basic Kit: Herbs, measuring stick, instructions  $20
  2. Kit #2: Basic Kit + pint of honey  $30
  3. Kit #3: Basic Kit + pint of honey + 2- 16oz glass bottles w/tops  $35
  4. Kit #4: Basic Kit, 2- 16oz glass bottles w/tops $25 (NO Honey)

Kit #3 has everything you need except distilled water and a strainer.  

Note: Elderberry is a flavorful addition to a healthy diet and a good source of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants.  They are a legendary, powerful, and natural way to support immune and respiratory function. 


Basic Package:

1- Package of Elderberry & Friends (appx 2oz)

1- Wooden Stick for measurements

1- Instructions



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