Elderberry Syrup, Tea, & Tincture

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The set includes the best of our Elder collection.  The syrup (16oz made weekly in small batches), our flavorful tea (includes 10 tea bags), and a tincture (the most potent of them all)

Elderberry is a flavorful addition to a healthy diet and a good source of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants.  They are a legendary, powerful, and natural way to support immune and respiratory function.  



1- 10 pack of individually bagged tea

1- Elderberry syrup 16oz

1- 1oz tincture


::TEA::Elderberries & Flowers, echinacea, marshmallow leaf, cinnamon, ginger, Hops

::TINCTURE:: Elderberries, Elder Flowers, Grain Alcohol, distilled water

::SYRUP:: Elderberries, Elder Flowers, Distilled Water, Raw Honey

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